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Make life more interesting

About us

  • Make life more interesting has been set up so people living in Nottinghamshire can be supported to make their own lives more interesting by networking in their local community.
  • It is free for everyone who lives in Nottinghamshire who has a learning disability, or supports someone with a learning disability.
  • You can keep in contact with your family and friends who live in Nottinghamshire, even when they are supported by a different provider.
  • As the money for support packages gets tighter, it is really important people are supported to use their funding in the best way possible.
  • The site has an administrator who makes sure that it is safe for you to use and that rules are being followed.

You can:

  • Keep a diary of what you do. You can add pictures and video’s if you want to.
  • Make new friends and keep in touch with other people with different providers.
  • Find people who like doing the same things as you.
  • Find out about activities, and things that other people are doing.
  • Make your money go further by sharing support, transport and other costs.
  • Create activities of your own and see who wants to join you!
  • Keep your person centred plan in one central place and invite your services to join your circle of support.

If you think you would like to see the things you can do to make your life more interesting then please click on the register now. If you have any queries contact

Community Network

  • Getting to know your community is really important but for some it is not easy. Make life more interesting is a site that holds your hand through the process and brings the community to you.
  • The get2getherclub is a group where every member and their support workers take a role in mapping their community. When you are out and about, or looking in the newspaper you may come across an interesting event or activity. Don’t keep it to yourself! Take a few minutes to share it on the site. Lots of people will be very grateful to you If you go out as a group make it into a treasure hunt and see what great things you can find to do.
  • In your profile you can tell people about what you do, and learn about what other people do. This will help you, and others, to learn about what activities and groups are in the local area.
  • You can tell people what new things you would like to do. Other people may want to try the same things. The administrators can then see where there are groups of people wanting the same thing and see if they can organise it.
  • If you and your friends want to do the same activity, or go to the same group you can arrange this on the site. You may be able to share your support with your friends. This will mean that you will be able to make a better use of your support time. It may mean that you can develop more independence and have less support over time.
  • You may find old friends on the site who you used to go to college, or day centre with, or people who you used to live with and see what they are doing now. You may want to arrange to talk to them, or meet up with them. You can also make new friends.
  • You will be able to share advice and information on things you have done. If you know of something happening; or you have found something helpful you will be able to tell others about this.

Good stories library

Inspire others. You can see what others have done and how they have done this. This may help you to learn how to do something, you can learn from other’s mistakes.

Find a house mate

This is a useful group for those looking to leave home for the first time, or moving out of a residential setting. Exchanging a One page profile can help to see if you are a compatible match.

Time Banking/Skills match

This is a group where you can celebrate the skills you have and exchange them with others who have a skill you need!

Gadgets & Assistive Technology

A group where you can find out about all sorts of gadgets and equipment that enable you to be more independent and reduce your reliance on staff


Find your local Self advocacy group and network with people from across the country!

Managing your life

  • There are a lot of tools that can help you to manage your daily life.
  • There is an activity planner so you can decide what you want to do and when you want to do it and add it to your calendar.
  • The activity planner can also be used to write down appointments and social activities too.
  • You can attach a reminder to prompt you how to do something at the time you want to do it.
  • If you have routines that are important to you, you can attach information about these too so that the people who support you know what is important to you and how you like to do things. These can be videos, photos and audio files.
  • For those who struggle to find things to do in the community, the get2getherclub group will make ‘suggestions’ to you of things that are close by.
  • You can create your own ‘events’ and see who else wants to join you!
  • You can use the online diary and write about things you have done. Use pictures or videos to make the words come alive! If you want to, you can share your stories with your friends.
  • There are feedback forums in all of the groups to let people know what you think about them, share ideas and concerns.

My plan

  • There are Person centred planning tools on this site.
  • You can look at different areas of your life - choose some goals and outcomes and tag* them.
  • You can use your daily and group diary to capture your achievements and tag* them too. The clever software will automatically file your diary entries under your goals for you by matching the tags.
  • You can let people see your plan, including your support workers, your friends, your family and your circle of support. You can talk about your plan with your circle of support through the site.
  • You can access your planning tab at all times so you can see where you are achieving things, where you still struggling.
  • You can run your annual review live from the site.

*Tagging a volunteer dog walking activity with ‘exercise, volunteering’ will instantly file the diary entry under Health/exercise and Work/volunteering.

On Line Safety

  • The whole website is encrypted (special code), so it is hard to steal the information.
  • The website has an Administrator to ensure everyone who registers is a genuine local person. They make sure that only members of “Make Life More Interesting" can use the network.
  • When the Administrators are happy that you are who you say are you can start to use our network, you will be able to contact other members.
  • You can then tell other members about yourself. You can share as much or as little about yourself as you want. All your information is private unless you choose to share it.
  • Yours and other member's addresses are never given away. These are kept private at all times. The software only uses your postcode to tell you how near or far away an activity or friend is from you.
  • It is also used by the administrators to find groups of members who want the same thing. They can then approach a provider to ask to set it up for you.
  • You can chat and send messages to other members who you become friends with. If the friendship ends, you can choose to take that person off your "friends list". This means that they will not be able to contact you online any more.
  • There is help available to you called online assistance. This is from Nadia who is the mascot.
  • If you struggle to know what to say or do, and often make mistakes, there is PRE and POST moderation on the site. This means that you can change things before you put them onto this site, and after they have been added. You can turn on your Moderation Circle and ask parents or staff to supervise your decisions until you are confident to do it yourself.

Commissioners and support providers can:

  • Provide individual’s with personalised services that they fully participate in.
  • Support daily planning and interactive goal setting with ownership of outcomes for the individual.
  • Offer CQC an excellent personalised approach to evidential* review of services (with the Individual’s permission).
  • Use real time PCP data to drive provider market and service design.
  • Consult membership in many accessible media formats.
  • Provide a community approach to connecting Individual’s within a community even when supported by different providers – never before achievable when providers use separate incompatible systems .
  • Support all members with up to date information groups on Assistive technology solutions and creative community solutions such as Time Banking (skill swapping schemes).
  • Use the fun interactive platform to promote health and well-being topics whilst preventing isolation and social exclusion by facilitating peer support .
  • An inclusive site for non-eligible, yet still vulnerable adults that fall outside of services that can still benefit from the community mapping and resources available on the platform, perhaps providing vital links to keep them from needing services.
  • Creatively cooperate with other providers of services to prevent duplication, pool resources and utilise ever decreasing funding wisely and in the best interests of your clients and their community.

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